Cranberry Cosmo Single Serve Can

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CRISP, BRIGHT, CITRUS NEW! Single Serve 12 Oz Cans just in time for summer. Sold in single cans. Bubbly blend of crisp cranberry, zesty lime and a splash of natural orange juice, our sparkling Cosmo in our new single-serve cans. Take to the pool or keep at the bar for an uplifting alcohol-free option so everyone can feel part of the fun! - CLEAN INGREDIENTS: naturally sweetened with fruit juices & botanicals - LOW CALORIE: only 20 calories for 4 oz serving - FLEXIBLY MIXABLE: enjoy as mocktail or add favorite spirit for a light cocktail - 0% Alcohol, 100% Fun! Serving Suggestion: Pour chilled Cosmo in champagne flute, garnish with fresh raspberries, enjoy! If you'd like a cocktail, add 1 oz vodka.