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Choose any pattern you desire for these unique, handmade cotton bowties!

Ties are made from cotton fabric.


If you selected CUSTOM DESIGN in the dropdown above or would like to COLOR MATCH YOUR PATTERN... 

Add THIS listing to your cart if you are looking to custom design the pattern on your Keffalas Designs Bridal products.


Add THIS listing to your cart if you are looking to color match your Keffalas Designs Bridal products' pattern to your bridesmaids' dresses.


*** Special Deal: Purchase a tie, pocket hanky, and cufflinks for each of your groomsmen and receive the groom's set free! PURCHASE SETS HERE (4 set minimum paid purchase for free groom set) ***

*** Turnaround Time: We are currently operating at a 6-12 week turnaround time for bridal orders. Orders are completed in order of wedding date, and we recommend placing your order around the same time as you place your bridesmaids' dress orders.

If your order needs to arrive before then, please contact us to arrange an expedited order, subject to an additional charge. ***

Please note: All character prints are done at a 0.25 inch height, which you can view in the Black and White Mickey print on a true bowtie. This sizing is the optimal sizing for ties and bowties.