Jack in the Box 6 in 1 Merry Christmas

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In this 6-in-1 DIY box, your child will make the following - 

  • Christmas Tree Ornaments: Make six felt ornaments - Santa, Christmas Tree, Wreath, mistletoe bell, gingerbread, and ball - hang these up on your Christmas tree as you decorate is this season!
    Items Included: Felt Base, Felt Stick-ons and String

  • Stocking Cutlery holder: Sew four of your own little stockings that can hold dinner cutlery for you and your family this Christmas
    Items Included: Felt Base, Felt Stick-ons, wool and needle

  • Advent Calendar: A colourful tabletop Santa display, an advent calendar counting down days to Christmas, and a Christmas wish list for Santa to see - all in one activity
    Items Included: Foam Base, Foam Stick-ons, Paper cut-outs and brads.

  • Christmas Wreath: Layer on the felt to make a Christmas wreath, and flaunt it as you hang it up on your door this Christmas!
    Items Included: Foam Ring, Felt Strips and ribbon

  • Photo Bunting: Santa, an elf and a reindeer - make a photo frame bunting with family photos or with notes to Santa
    Items Included: Foam Base, Foam Stock-ons, Plastic Sheets and string.

  • Gingerbread Man Cookie: Make gingerbread men cookies, decorate with lots of white and green sprinkles, and serve to all your dear ones this Christmas! (Only recipe included)
  • Suitable for ages 5 and above.