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This year we have decided to offer Mystery Christmas Gift Boxes. Each box will include 3-5 gifts based upon a price point and gender and age that you select. We also ask for the name and unisex shirt size as we may include a clothing item or personalized item depending on the box! What could be included you may ask?? Anything that’s in our boutique could potentially be in the box!

There will be 3 price tiers for boxes:

$25 Box: 3 items with a total retail value of $30-40

$40 Box: 3-5 items with a total retail value of $45-50

$50 Box: 4-7 items with a total retail value of $55-70

if there are any special interests, themes or colors of your loved one please add that in the open comment section below as well! 

These boxes are non-returnable or refundable once received. Boxes will come unwrapped so that you can see what you’re gifting.