Blog posts The Chronicles of Being a Mama, Wife & Business Owner...Chapter 2

Blog posts The Chronicles of Being a Mama, Wife & Business Owner...Chapter 2

I know I said initially I would be blogging weekly, but like many things in our busy lifestyle, some things just don't make the cut weekly. But I'm excited to be back, writing again, and updating on our crazy little world.

Over the last month and a half we have been busy preparing the store for Spring, planning Saxonburg's Winterfest and finding our new normal as a family of 4. Elias is almost 4 months old and Percy is turning 5 next week. There's definitely some nostalgia around Percy's birthday as we found out I was pregnant with Percy about 3 months after we opened the shop and I quit my day job. So each year this time of year makes me think about the whirlwind of life that has happened since those days. 

Percy is very excited to host all of his friends this year at his birthday party. He is in Pre-K this year and he's just his social butterfly self. Loving every minute of being with others in the classroom. It's really hard having a first born turn 5. It's crazy to think he's moving out of the toddler and preschool years and we officially have a big kid in the house.

As he begins to slip away from the Mama snuggles and needing my help everytime he goes potty I'm not sure I'm ready to let him become the big boy he is maturing into. Let's be real, it's not all butterflys and rainbows in our house, at 5 we will still have our fair share of tantrums, toys tossed throughout the house and piles of stinky boy laundry. I'm trying my best to savor every aspect of him growing up because I know sooner than I will ever want it to, he will be grown and gone.

The thing that I think upset me the most with this past year is Percy has transitioned my name from Mama to Mommy...I never thought I could be so upset at such a change. But it really does hurt your heart in a way that no one else can really understand...don't get me wrong...Mommy is better than Mom or the famous t-shirts all go...but I know eventually, I too will be Bruh, to my little first born Percy. But like any mother says, they will always be your baby.

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