Nostalgic Old Fashioned Root Beer🍺 Barrel Red Wrapper 1/2LB

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Nostalgic Old-Fashioned Root Beer 🍺 Bottles have been favorite for years and decades! These are wrapped in the original classic red wrappers just like you remember. These classic hard candies have an old fashioned root beer taste and a fun root beer barrel shape! We all remember these growing up as is true Americana candy & Nostalgic. These are always fun 🤩 items for kids & customers as brings back lots of memories. You receive a 1/2LB snack bag that is ready for resale. Enough to share with a family or a group of friends. We offer these to our customers to help bring those nostalgic displays to life. We had lots of request to offer nostalgic candy. Conversation & Memory starter! Kid in a candy store many customers will remember wearing these and chewing off each candy necklace throughout the day. Great colors for your displays and merchandising! Shelf Life : 12 Months Each bag is ready for resale and has a flair top for that added nostalgic and upscale look.