Nostalgic Old Fashioned Salt Water Taffy 1/4LB Flair Top

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Nostalgic! We all remember bringing home that box of Salt Water Taffy. Full Assortment each piece wrapped in individual waxed paper lined paper. Reminisce of days on the boardwalk by the beach with this sweet treat! This soft and chewy taffy comes in an assortment of delicious flavors including: blueberry, bubble gum, cherry, chocolate raspberry, chocolate, cinnamon, cotton candy, grape, licorice, maple, Neapolitan, peach, piña colada, raspberry, root beer, spearmint, tutti-frutti and watermelon. Each 1/4lb bag is individually sealed and contains a full assortment of Salt Water Taffy. Very colorful as each is placed in clear packaging so customers can visually see the colors! These are always fun 🤩 items for kids & customers as brings back lots of memories. We offer these to our customers to help bring those nostalgic displays to life. Conversation & Memory starter! Great colors for your displays and merchandising! Case Size : 1/4lb Bag - (1) Shelf Life : 12 Months