B Me Sequin Unicorn Pillow - Reversible Double Sided Rainbow

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IT’S A RAINBOW! IT’S A UNICORN! IT’S A DOODLE PILLOW! IT’S THE B ME DOUBLE-SIDED SEQUIN DOODLE PILLOW FOR ENDLESS HOURS OF FUN! It’s time to leave boring throw pillows behind you once and for all. As soon as your little girl holds our eye-popping sequin pillow in her hands… game over! She will never love another pillow again! The 2 head-turning designs (rainbow and unicorn) combined with the ultra-fun doodle back side will not only ruin all other pillows for her, but they will also offer her a super-fun and creative activity! KISS YOUR BORING PILLOWS GOODBYE! At first glance, this looks just like another sequin pillow – just like millions of other sequin pillows out there. But once your little artist flips it over, she will be able to discover our creative twist! The back side features gorgeous unicorns, rainbows, cupcakes, diamonds, ice-creams, cakes and beautiful stars for your girl to doodle! IMPRESS ALL YOUR FRIENDS WITH YOUR GLITTERY PILLLOW – STARTING TODAY!