A Tale of Two Biddies

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Through a good dose of humor, balanced with some hard-earned insight, A Tale of Two Biddies encourages women to make the most of the latter seasons of their lives. Throughout the book, readers will hear of the two biddies who inspired the title: one who was kind, tender-hearted, and humble, and the other who was critical, pessimistic, self-centered, and sharp-tongued. As these two women aged and their inhibitions fell away, the true nature of their hearts became increasingly evident to those around them. This gift book takes a light-hearted look at topics such as menopause, feathering the empty nest, and “senior moments.” We can’t control the aging process, but we do have a choice as to how we’re going to face each day. These choices help shape our hearts as well as our lives. In light of aging, we are reminded to choose wisely while we’re still young enough to have all of our mental faculties intact! Features: hardcover binding, 144 pages, ribbon marker, author: Vicki Kuyper