Tea Tree + Mint Fizzy Bath Powder

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šŸ–¤ Bath Dust is simply a crushed up Bath Bomb in a bag! Each Bag is labeled with scent! To use, simply open the bag and add to the hot bath water - it will start to fizz. Enjoy! ā— Lavender - Purple Bath Dust scented with Lavender Essential Oil. ā— Eucalyptus - Blue Bath Dust scented with Eucalyptus Essential Oil. ā— Tea Tree + Mint - Teal Bath Dust scented with Tea Tree & Spearmint Essential Oils. ā— Lavender + Eucalyptus - Indigo Bath Dust scented with Lavender & Eucalyptus Essential Oils. ā— Citrus - Pink Bath Dust scented with Lemongrass Essential Oil. INGREDIENTS: I use ingredients that are good for your skin but also good for your tub & doesn't hurt your pockets! Essential oils used are 100% certified. STORAGE & DISPLAY: Keep in dry & sun free area. If placed in a spot with direct sunlight, the product will discolor. COLOR: All items are handmade in small batches, so items may slightly vary in color from listing. WEIGHT: Amount of bath dust is weighed before being packaged.